Retire Using Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing is a great way to build wealth and provide income for retirement. This class will provide you the knowledge and tools you need to create a portfolio of real estate properties and “mailbox money” income for retirement. From tax strategies to negotiation techniques, this class has everything you will need to be successful at real estate investing.

This class was written in order to educate and provide you with the tools you will need to invest into real estate. The chapters are as follows:

1. Introduction

2. Who Should Invest

3. Why Invest

4. What to Invest Into

5. How to Invest

6. Where to Invest

7. Best Time To Invest

8. Post Purchase Considerations

9. Retirement and Real Estate Investing Scenario

10. Top 10 Most Common Real Estate Investing Mistakes

11. Next Steps.

Who Should Attend This Class?

This class was written for all levels of real estate investors. For those just getting started, this class will provide the foundation that you need to ensure your success. For those that are veteran investors, this class will provide tools and resources to help you become more efficient and more profitable. This class is written in an easy to understand format so that no matter your level of investing, you will be able to understand and follow the information being taught.