Social Security Optimization

SOCIAL SECURITY BASICS: Before the Social Security Act, vast numbers of aged people, and people nearing old age, the loss of their savings brought with it the prospect of living their remaining years in destitution. Learn the modern realities of Social Security and how it fits into Retirement Planning. YOU'LL LEARN ABOUT: Social Security and its purpose, history and the future of social security, how social security works, how your benefits are calculated, & why social security is important.

TAXES & YOUR BENEFITS: Social Security benefits are often taxable and could potentially cut your benefit allowance drastically. Learn strategies that could potentially help ease the burden of income taxes in retirement. YOU'LL LEARN ABOUT: Social Security income taxation and tax strategies.

WORKING & SOCIAL SECURITY: With the age expectancy becoming much higher, retirement is lasting longer, and sometimes going back to work in some capacity is a beneficial option. Learn how to navigate the options you have with your Social Security benefits and continuing your career. YOU'LL LEARN ABOUT: how continuing to work affects Social Security benefits, how to avoid a reduction in benefits, and turning Social Security benefits on and off.

MAXIMIZING YOUR MONTHLY BENEFITS: It is possible to leave money on the table if you are not careful with your Social Security benefits. Learn how to evaluate your situation and learn about strategies that could potentially help maximize your benefits. YOU"LL LEARN ABOUT: Why use a strategy, when you should apply for benefits, claiming strategies for single individuals, claiming strategies for married couples, claiming strategies for divorced individuals, survivor benefits, and the family maximum.

GOVERNMENT PENSIONS: If you worked hard your whole life and have a pension to look forward to, don’t just assume you have no other retirement benefit options. Combined with spousal Social Security benefits, there is a whole slew of other rules to take into account. YOU'LL LEARN ABOUT: how a pension affects Social Security, windfall elimination provision, government pension offset, & how to maximize Social Security with a government pension.

MAKING BENEFIT DECISIONS: Finally comes the time to make decisions about your Social Security Benefits. Learn how to execute everything you have learned in the course. YOU'LL LEARN ABOUT: how to determine which strategy to use, how to contact the Social Security office, how to file for benefits, & Social Security income and retirement planning.

Join us for our Social Security Optimization class Thursday, November 16, 2023 from 6:30pm-9:30pm at our Fort Worth campus.

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