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Tarleton Swim Program

Lessons will be offered on five skill levels:

• Level 1 ~ Pre-school 4-year-olds, Introduction to Water Skills

• Level 2 ~ Beginner, Fundamental Aquatic Skills

~ Swimmer not afraid of the water or to put their face in the water

• Level 3 ~ Advanced Beginner, Stroke Development

~ Swimmer should be able to free style or crawl stroke for 25 yards without stopping, swim underwater for 5 yards, and tread water for 30 seconds.

• Level 4 ~ Intermediate, Stroke Improvement

~Swimmer should be able to tread water for 1 minute, underwater swim for 5 yards, crawl stroke for 50 yards, back stroke for 25 yards, breast stroke for 25 yards, and basic diving.

• Level 5 ~ Swimmer, Stroke Refinement

~ Swimmer should be able to crawl stroke for 100 yards, breast stroke for 50 yards, back stroke for 50 yards, swim underwater for 10 yards, basic diving.


~ Swim Suit and Towel are required.

~ Goggles and Swim Cap are optional.


Refunds are only available if requested prior to the first day of lessons. For additional information contact Ronnie Zoch at 254-968-9316 or email